is my frame too small for natural birth?

Makahla - posted on 08/26/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




As a teen I was always very thin and still am. I'm curious if my pelvic bone might be too small or cause complications. I want to give birth naturally but my husband says I might need a csection. My hips are 27 inches around. Am I to small for it?


Ev - posted on 08/27/2014




My daughter was and still is very small of a build for a woman. She was a size 2 up until she had her daughter. She has had two children with a small frame via natural birth with no pain meds, no epidural, or anything else. She had to have some help with her son coming because the placenta was going downhill fast and they gave her the synthetic hormone Petocin. Even after having that she did not have pain meds and she delivered with no problems both times.

As the others said, it depends on the size of a baby and what your doctor thinks should be done. No one person without medical experience can tell you that you can do this or not.

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The width of your hips is more a determination of how you will carry the baby than how you will deliver it, and a small pelvic bone shouldn't cause complications unless the baby is very large for your size. Generally though, small women have small babies and all is fine. Small or narrow hips do not automatically mean you need a C sec.
The hips do "spread" during pregnancy, and sometimes they don't go all the way back to the way they were before. I have narrow hips too, I think I was 28, maybe 29 inches at the hips before I got pregnant, now, at a healthy weight, I am closer to 30 or 31 inches at the hips. I had a natural birth.

Only your doctor can tell you whether you need a C sec or not.


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Michelle - posted on 08/26/2014




No one can tell until the time comes. It also depends on the size of your baby. Your doctor will be able to give you more of an idea, not your husband.

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