is my husband controlling or am i overreacting?

Phophi - posted on 08/27/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Mothers pls i need ur help.

I have been married for 5 yrs and we a daughter who is 4. To cut the long story short, last year june i got a job at a very stable company. While working there i was chatting with one of my friends from a previous company, i asked that lady " how are the others doing, and i was reffeing to two guys who i worked with". My husband saw that chat and he got furious saying that how can i as a married woman go around asking how other men are doing? He then from there started accusing me of having an affair, he moved out for 3 days saying that he will not stay with a cheating wife - in all honesty i was and not having an affair. He slept out for 3 days, i dont know where he slept but he said he slept in the car.

The other issue is that he saw phone numbers of male colleagues in my phone and again he got upset and started calling me names like i am bitch, i have no value etc...

Pls help as this man always says that 1 day will divorce as i dont respect him bcause of all that.
He does not want me to go work team buildings, does not want me to have my colleagues numbers as they are men, if he sees that i am online chatting he wants to know who am i chatting to, wants me to update him every time i get to and come back from work!

As it is now he is sleeping in the spare bedroom!


Jodi - posted on 08/28/2013




Hmmmm......often when a man falsely accuses his wife of cheating, and reacts in this way, he is the one doing the cheating. Is there any possibility he may actually be cheating on you?

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