is my son eligible for ssi?

Carol - posted on 04/18/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




At 2 weeks old myson was hospitlized for herpetic spinal meningitis, 3 daysin he started having severe seizures and was medivacced to the childrens hospital and we spent 3 weeks there. Heis now 8 months old, on Acyclovir three times daily, phenobrbital twice daily (being weened off to start keppra) and on keppra twice a day. He is starting physical ad speech therapy next month because he isn't developing in his milstones. He can't crawl, hold a bottle or sit up. He is aso seeing a nutrionist because he is notgaining weight properly (he's 15lbs) and hasn't gained weight in almost 3 monts but eats like a mad man. He has been on the medss since he was 2 weeks old andthe dr JUST told methe phenobarbital slows down development. That's why they're taking him off of it. The drs at the hospital told me he has future risks suc as developing cerebral palsey and epilepsy. He has seizures often and th past 8 months theve had to adjust his phenobarb doses bcause I goes by weight and age. My question is, is he eligible for disability? Being he is going to be doing therapy, nutrionist, and spech therapy. Being on meds daily. I haven't takn him to the er for any seizures I've always just called the on call pediatrician. An they've helped over he phone. He sees a neurologist and an opthamologist. I live in california any help would be appreciated!


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