Is my son Hyperactive??

Leslie - posted on 08/26/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




So this morning I dropped my son off at his daycare centre; while I was there the director came up and wanted me to sign yet another paper for him to be 'assessed'. This will be the fourth time and I am completely heartbroken.

My four year old has what feels like unlimited energy. But with this unlimited energy comes hard crashes. I found out that they haven't been napping him because he is 4. But I asked the lady about his behaviour by the end of the day and she said he was a bit hard to handle. I'm like, well if you ran around for 6 hours straight wouldn't you be tired and need a nap???? She was kind of taken aback but I honestly don't think there is something 'wrong' with my son. He is just super active. The kid has a six pack!! He eats well, drinks more than his share of water. I try and stay away from processed foods and red dyes. But no matter what I do the caregivers are always putting him through these tests. I thought boys were supposed to be full of energy and spunk??? :( having a hard time. Any help would be appreciated.

Hard working single mom broken hearted.


Kayla - posted on 08/26/2014




Hi! I have a daughter who is 4, who sounds the same as your son. She literally runs everywhere, I am not sure she has a slower speed haha
She hasn't napped since she was about 2 years old. She is on the go from 7 am until 8 pm, she just doesn't stop. I have been asked if I will get her assessed for anything.
And I am like HELL NO!! She is a wonderful person, and I will not medicate her and take away her spunk and energy. I do fully believe that some children diagnosed truly do need to be, but I also believe that things are over diagnosed. I am no expert by any means! I just think some kids have more energy than others, and that is totally ok.
My advice to you, is to stick to your guns and do what you think is right for your son. If they are having problems with him at the daycare/school, then maybe offer to sit down with the director and figure out a way for it to be resolved. Every child is different, and they should be taught/treated in a way that suits them. That's how I feel anyways. I have 4 kids, and none of them are the same in anyway and they all require a different approach to life!

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