Is my step daughter showing too much attention to her father

Jackey - posted on 01/14/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My step daughter is always sitting on her fathers lap hugging and rubbing his chest . She also gets jealous when he hugs on me. I have brought it up to her father and he has said she has done this since she was little and that he likes the attention . I need advice.


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Um, he's her FATHER, for crying out loud. FYI, I'm a 43 YO woman, and I STILL love on my daddy when I see him. I sit on his lap, I cuddle with him... Because he's my FATHER, and I love him, and he loves me. There's nothing inappropriate about it.

If you are uncomfortable with it, you need to investigate your reasons. Are you insecure in your relationship because the man accepts affection from his offspring? How long have you been married? How long were you in the relationship prior to being married?

It is perfectly natural for a child to be jealous of a new spouse. You aren't her mom, and she knows that. She also sees that since you are in her daddy's life, he may not be spending as much one on one time with her, and she equates that with you taking that time...depending on her age, it's a BIG deal to her. How long did you and your spouse take to integrate her into your relationship? Did you just expect her to jump for joy, say "goody, daddy got married again, I'm SOOOOOOOOO lucky..." LOL...

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