Is my teenage son being a "normal" teen

Candice - posted on 03/11/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 15 yr old son left today to live with his dad. He doesn't entirely care for his dad but he still decided he would live there and told me he is done with me. We have argued the other day because I was unable to drive him to a indoor skate park - as I was working. He than jus flipped out and said I am a bad mom and just spoke rudely to me all day....I feel him being at his dads may be best for him as his dad is more strict (in a good way) than I am. I am weak to strictness and can be easily walked over Andy question is do they (teenagers) get over it? Did I make the wrong choice? Will he always grudge me? I just feel sooo hurt and confused, I do have other children who are jus sooo opposite from him.


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Jodi - posted on 03/11/2014




No, it isn't normal. It is disrespectful, and he is acting like a spoiled brat. Why is his father supporting his behaviour? Have you spoken to his father about the way he treated you and the reason he made this choice? It sounds like your parenting (easily walked over) has resulted in him being just a bit entitled and this is how it has ended up.

Tammy - posted on 03/11/2014




Let him go there and then he will see that he is not going to have it his don't let him or any of your kids talk to you any kind of way,your not weak it's just that we love our kids so much

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