Is my three year old ready for preschool ?

Christina - posted on 10/29/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi ! I have a three year old who has been going to daycare since she was 6 mos old . I also have a one year old boy who is with momy all the time . I am going back to work soon and my husband is in the military . I was looking for advice about sending my daughter to school so she can start learning as she is pretty good so far and I have a feeling she can handle things at a higher level than just daycare . Any advice ?


Enna - posted on 10/29/2013




I sent both of my daughters to daycare and preschool, and the quality of the school is a BIG deal. My favorite place of all was actually a daycare. My younger daughter learned so much more there than either of my kids learned anywhere else (besides school).
You really have to look at the options in your area and try to figure out which one is actually going to teach her something. And don't depend on the paperwork they show you. You need to find reviews and talk to other parents. One daycare I sent my daughter to had a great reputation and a great curriculum, but they didn't follow it and she learned nothing, so I had to move her.
The other thing is hours. One of my girls went to a preschool that was great. However, when my husband went back to work full time we had to find somewhere else because the preschool was only a few hours a week.
Also, your daughter is only three, so it's more important that she is having a good time, learning to make good choices, learning how to be healthy, and working on social skills. If you want to push her academically, then spend some time teaching her yourself. Get a workbook if she's ready for that. Read to her a TON. Make everything a learning experience. At this age, you are going to be able to teach her very well. Once she's on to Calculus you will need help. Unless you are a Calculus teacher. :)

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