Is My Two Year Old Two Old For Her Blankey?

Lisa - posted on 07/13/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a Two 1/2 year old daughter who will not sleep without her pink and white loved heart feely blankey, she has had it since she was a baby and has never slept a night without it (i would wash it during the day when dirty and dry it intime for her bedtime) its really hard to wash as now shes older she takes it everyway!!!!! and screams bloody murder if i put it in the wash, the minute its out she drags it everyway b4 i've even had a chance to dry it. she will not go into her room for bed without it n if she doesnt have it she wont settle until i found it, i don't mind her having a blanket its her friend keeps the nightmares away and comforts her at night and i didnt think nothing off it until my partners grandmam (who intervenes alot) intervened and started saying shes to big for it!! So is she to big for it?? Because i dread they day i have to part her with it because she really loves it, but the way i had seen it, its like a teddy, you wouldnt take a teddy from a 2year old so why would you a blanket? she also need hers violet music/talking dog, her anxious elephant cushion, her peppa pig cushion and of course her blankey with her when she sleeps. is this too many?? Or aslong as shes happy shes fine? All advice would be really helpful thanks


Michelle - posted on 07/13/2012




If you are concerned I would talk to her about making it an only at bedtime thing. My daughter is 3 and has a special teddy that goes everywhere with her, and my son who is 11 still has his elephant I don't care if he wants his teddy he can keep it but it stays in his room


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Kara - posted on 07/16/2012




i wouldn't worry about it at all. its just a comfort thing. my 2 and half year old daughter has a thick fleece blankie. she wants to take it everywhere but its only allowed at home or in the car, not in any stores or anyone else's house. and i have the same problem washing it lol. i had a blankie when i was little and its nothing but shreds now from taking it everywhere, but my mom said one day i just didn't want it anymore. so there is hope. but don't let a family member make you feel bad, its a different day and age, and unless your child's doctor seems concerned about it i wouldn't worry.

Amy - posted on 07/13/2012




My 6 year old son has two special blankies! We stopped letting him take them everywhere around 2 or 3 unless we were going some place scary like the dentist. He can not sleep without them and I would never dream of taking them away. They are special to him, heck my 41 year old husband has a blanket my mom made for him that he won't sleep without.

My 2 year old daughter has a blankie, a bunny, a doll, some other bunny type blanket thing that she has to sleep with. They aren't causing her any damage and there is no way I'm taking anything away to make night time a nightmare! Tell your mom to butt out!

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