Is only child good for me, please advice.

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Hi All, I am mother of an only child, my daughter is 10 year old and feel very blessed of having her. My daughter is very understanding and loveable and she understands my feelings and emotions but I feel bad for her that she is alone. I really want another child but things going on in my life prohibited me to do. My in-laws don't get along with me and my husband favours them. They live in Scotland and plan to live with us permanently in 2 years. His parents are very outspoken and interferring, I am scared. Is only child good for me or I should go ahead for another child, its like taking a risk for me. I am an Asian and parents live with their children in most of the families. I don't mind staying with them or taking care if they are nice but its not the case and my husband is a scary cat in front of them. My marriage is not strong when in-laws are around & fear a custody battle if we are separate. Should I go ahead and try for a baby as I really want it? I need some advise, suggestions please. I am very disturbed and stressed out.


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I'm a little confused because there is so much going on here. It almost sounds like you're asking should you have a baby in case your husband leaves and takes the 10 year old? what would stop him from taking the baby also?

I'm not even sure why your in-laws have anything to do with your choice to have another child.

If your life prohibited you having a child before, has that changed?

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