Is she too young?

Kayla - posted on 09/26/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 9 years old. Is she too young to start shaving her legs? She has been practicing personal hygine with a few reminders solo for the last year or so.


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Kimberly - posted on 09/27/2012




I agree I would try to get her to hold off as long as possible because it is a pain and the hair only comes back more and darker usually so once she starts thats it. It is also very young to be using a razor as you can cut yourself pretty bad. Try to see if she can hold off til closer to 12/13. She has the rest of her life to do it, no point rushing in, I wish I hadnt started so early

Dove - posted on 09/26/2012




If the hair on her legs is such that it bothers her... no, but I would put her off the idea for a while if I could. I've put my daughter (almost 11) off on shaving her legs by reminding her that once she starts... it never stops. I'm fine with her starting whenever she want to, but it doesn't bother her yet so she is waiting. She's already discovered what a pain it is to have to shave her arm pits, so I don't think she wants to deal with the leg issue quite yet. ;)

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