Is starting to work out bad for the beginning of your pregnancy?

Ashley - posted on 04/08/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I just found out I'm pregnant! But I need to lose a few pounds before I gain a lot of baby weight! Is there a good pregnancy work out to start when you aren't in the perfect shape? Or is it too late to start? What is a good diet to take? Is working out bad for the baby?


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Kaitlin - posted on 04/08/2012




working out is great as long as you are feeding yourself the right amounts of food- you need extra calories during pregnancy and you burn them faster anyway, so be sure to increase your diet of healthy foods (especially lots of protein and complex carbs) and focus on being healthy and not on loosing weight- you don't want to loose weight during your pregnancy.

Chrystal - posted on 04/08/2012




Since you are pregnant you really should change your focus from losing weight to just being healthy. There is nothing at all wrong with starting exercise after you've become pregnant in fact it is a great idea and will make pregnancy and giving birth a whole lot easier. But it's not a good idea to try to lose weight while you are pregnant with any extreme exercise or calorie restriction diets. A easy way to start exercising is just start walking. Also prenatal exercise dvd's are a great way to get moving while being sure it's safe for baby. As far as diet I personally followed the Bradley pregnancy diet but as long as you focus on fruits, veggies, lean meats (protein is very important it's what baby is made of), calcium rich foods, and whole grains you'll be giving your baby the things they need to grow. Remember not to skip meal because if you don't eat neither does baby.

Brittney - posted on 04/08/2012




You could try prenatal yoga, walking, jogging, and eating fruits/vegetables. Just keep it simple, don't over do it. Working out is not bad for the baby. I walked 3 miles the day I gave birth to my daughter, just make sure you keep it up and go in steps (If you're aiming to lose a couple pounds). Walking for 30 minutes and gradually increase to 1 hour. try this link!

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