Is that a teacher's irresponsibility?? What should i do??

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my son is in second grade. I went to his school to attend the parents teacher meeting and his teacher was telling parents that she has been giving homework for 2 weeks but the problem is my son didn't get any homework. When i told her that my son didn't get any homework she said, oh, i m sorry there is his homework..My uqestion is : Is that ok for a teacher to forget to give homework packet to one or two of their students??how is that possible? and also he lost his folder in the class and she didn't notify me about that as well. When i asked her about that she said, oh i m sorry i forgot to tell u that he lost his folder in the class and she said i'll take care of that. When i notified her.(its been a week since he lost his folder). Is that the irresponsibility of the teacher or what??Should i talk to the principal about that?Plz help..


Amy - posted on 09/13/2012




I wouldn't go to the principals just yet it sounds like there is a breakdown of communication. You now know that you should expect a homework packet weekly so if your son doesn't bring it home you can send her an e-mail. Same thing with the folder, if you knew he had a folder and failed to bring it home for a couple of days you should of immediately reached out to the teacher and said "my son hasn't brought a folder home in two days is he forgetting or did it get lost". My son is in first grade and we know he gets an assignment every friday and a folder that comes home every day. If he forgets it we remind him the next day to make sure he brings it home and I make sure it's in his backpack every day before school.

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