is the epideral a good thing?

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This is my first pregnancie and im scared should i get the epaderial or should i try and do it natrually?


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I did not want an epidural and I didn't get one. I didn't think that labor was all that bad. There were a few moments were it was miserable, but they are over quickly and you don't even remember it afterwards.
I was much more afraid of the needle than I was the birth because I'd heard so many horror stories. I'm honestly glad, because I loved my natural birth.

Like the other ladies said, go in with an open mind. You can always ask for it if you need it, but you'll never know if you really do want it unless you try without.

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Your body is designed to give birth! I understand being scared...the unknown is always scary. So do some research. Talk to your doctor. Find a doula. The BEST things I did in preparing for my natural birth was reading about birth and talking to a doula. That gave me reassurance that I COULD do it. Having knowledge and support helped me relax during labor. That last hour of labor and pushing was HARD...i won't lie...but it was 100% better than being loopy on drugs like I was with my first birth.

That said, some women find the epidural helps them. So research and knowing your own body is really the key here. =)


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Katie - posted on 06/28/2011




I did my first birth naturally, and I'm glad, but only because I can now say I experienced that...I'm due with my second child in October and I decided to go with the epidural for this one. No two women are the same, and lots will say that they don't remember their natural labor being "that bad." LOL, well, I'm not in that category! There were lots of things about my first pregnancy that my friends and family had to remind me of, like how bad my morning sickness was and for how long. . . I totally forgot about that. But pretty much every minute of the day I went into labor is burned into my brain. I was dilated to 3 cm when my water broke, and it leaked slow because my daughter's head was just waiting for me to finish dilating, right up against my I had about an hour and a half of comfortable labor. After all the amniotic fluid was gone, tho... not so comfortable. I won't go into scary details, because ultimately, everything really went smoothly and very normally. Even though I felt the pain was bad, it never really felt so bad that I feared there was anything WRONG...but it took me a long time, ( over an hour of her head being fully crowned,) to push through the fear of the sensation of ripping that I knew I would feel every. little. bit. And I did! I got mad, pushed through it, felt that ripping, and didn't care by that point because I was so tired of the whole ordeal. On the upside; after all that, my natural endorphins kicked in and I felt NO pain for a solid two days. On the downside; I feel that my labor and delivery experience was much less the "beautiful" experience it could have been if I hadn't felt like my entire hip section was being boiled in oil.

This time, I feel very fine going with the easier route and taking the pain relief. I'm very confident that my natural sensitivity will mean that I can have maximum pain relief without any problem pushing when the time comes.

I wish I had some idea how you could evaluate what your pain tolerance will be. But I will say this; Ultimately you have NOTHING to be scared of. If you go natural, yes, you will feel some pain. It might even be the worst pain you've ever felt. I've had doctors and recovery room nurses confirm that there are very few things more painful than childbirth.'s a funny thing. It's also the best pain you'll ever feel, too. Particularly in a hospital setting, there's just nothing scary about it; you're surrounded by a medical staff that's checking on you all the time, and keeping you reassured that everything's going the way it's supposed to go.

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Like everyone else saud, do lots of research before hand and go into it with an open mind. I wanted to try to have a natural birth if possible and I kept reminding myself that my body was designed to do this and that seemed to help me. I got a shot of morphine a few hours into my labor and that took the edge off just enough. If you find you can't deal with it, then you can always opt for getting an epidural. Just maybe see how far you can go without and if you need it, you need it!

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I went into birth knowing that I wanted an epidural. For me, it was the right thing to do. I had no problems pushing, only pushed for 45 minutes and had my 9lb daughter vaginally. I'm pregnant again and I plan on getting an epidural with this one as well. I think you should just go in with an open mind. See how far you can push yourself, and if it gets to be too much it's always an option.

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Epidurals can make it harder for you to push the baby out. You are more likely to need forceps and an episiotomy.
I had four natural births using the Bradley method. It has a 90% success rate of natural births.

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My thoughts? Meh. My first born I went natural and it was great! My son, however, took 6 days of labor (no, this is not normal and will almost certainly not happen to you) and by the time I was dilated enough to be admitted to the hospital I was so exhausted that I opted for the epi. Two hours later I was holding my son. I would have rather gone without it the second time around but my body was so tense and exhausted my contractions weren't doing anything. Natural birth really isn't that bad. Try to not be scared, have a good support team with you at all times and just breathe. :)

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I would go in with an open mind and see how things progress, with my first I was already 7cm when I arrived at the hospital but wasn't reall progressing so decided at 1 in the morning that I would get it so I could get some sleep. The doctor woke me up at 6 in the morning and my son was delivered by 6:20, the only problem the first time around was it didn't get turned down soon enough so I couldn't feel if I was even pushing. Same thing with my second decided I would play it by eat and ultimately got it. The second experience was better in the fact that I felt pressure and was able to tell I was pushing. I was up within an hour of delivering, however they missed the spot the first time and had to stick me again which left me with a sore back for quite some time! Definitely do your research and try not to stress or listen to peoples horror stories of there deliveries! Good luck!

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i tried to have my baby natural, but ended up opting for the epaderial. i would just leave it as an option.

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I would definitely keep an open mind when going in because you may change your mind, it is just what you can handle. I have had two baby girls and the first was with an epidural, the second was not. I personally was more satisfied with myself doing it without, but, not gonna lie, it hurt like hell. Also with my first, when I got the epidural, my daughter's heartbeat fell very low. I also wonder if it gave me worse constipation because it was horrible the first time, but with my second I had no constipation at all. It is your decision, good luck with your new baby!!

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I loved it both times but do your research and know that everyone has different opinions and experiences with it. There are always risks. For my first pregnancy, I went in wanting to do it naturally but the pain was so bad and I barely progressing so I finally broke down a got it. I ended up sleeping for the last 9 hours and progressing a lot faster because I was comfortable and not tensing up. My second delivery was a lot faster (6 hours opposed to 18) and I didn't really need it because the pain wasn't too bad but I chose to get it anyway so I could enjoy the experience a little more. Anyway, it's your choice but my advice to all moms-to-be is don't go in with a set plan because anything can happen. Let them know that you're considering an epidural but wait and see how your labor is going and go for it if it gets painful enough.

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