Is their anyone having mother-in-law issues? I need to vent!


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Mrsawesomepants - posted on 12/22/2014




You hear the buzz of a new phone text
That feeling of cheer for what is next
So dash to the phone and read with Gollum like glee and say I know who needs to read this more than me;
Forward on to Karen and Dave,
to Nate and that naked fat assed whore
Onward your fingers fly
to Lindsay and Marty that deep thinking guy.
You realize the best has not yet replied onto Megan who holds your secrets with pride.
Is this something that Lisa and Jacob will listen to? Well , best include them too.

This may be my best work yet lets get it all out do not fret.

Fat assed whore sent pictures to my husband of herself naked fat, disgusting I call her Jabba the Hut. And he liked it and what it stirred in his pants maybe they can share her in his hut. Separation and talks divorce the year could not get any worse.

But when you have Laurel the bipolar addict, and Karen the drama loving feminist with a driving need for attention, Nate desperate to hold on to his whore, and the rest of you to engrossed in life that this all has been ignored.

You get me- angry, and no longer on board.
I am protecting myself and children words are my sword

We have tried to move forward with therapy and help
owning our part, forgiving and asking to be forgiven, reconciled but we could melt

Then what should we get! An email filled with mal intent. Which leads us back to the beginning and I am spent.

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