Is there a diaper out there that won't make my toddler's pants stink after he poops? I use huggies little movers. I end up changing his pants at least 2-3 times a day.


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Holly - posted on 02/14/2013




perhaps it is that his poops are very potent? I always used Huggies... i liked the fact that they had some sort of soft lotiony feel inside the diaper... but as they got older and diapers where more expensive, i did use store brand... I loved parent's choice (i think that is walmart) and then i also used a brand that was at Foodarama (local grocery store, don't know if you have one close to you) . Those were cheep and my kids didn't leak out of them. I HATED Luvs, my kids would wet out of Luvs all of the time.

Elfrieda - posted on 02/14/2013




My theory is that the perfume in the diaper is very "sticky" and will stick to whatever is touching it. So, the perfume combines with the poop smell and then adheres to any clothing that's touching the diaper and that's when you're really in for a treat!

Try the store brand ones. They feel more papery, but often don't stink as much as Pampers and Huggies. Some of those diapers have so much perfume in them that they stink right out of the package, and that's just magnified when they're full. It's also a reason I like cloth diapers.

Oh, or take all the diapers out of the package and let them air out in a basket, set in a part of the house you don't "live" in. (like the laundry room or garage) That should let them off-gas a little bit before putting them right next to the pants.

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