Is there a thing call grandparents rights?

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My daughter lives in another state, she just had my first grandson. We talked all the time. I dont care for her boyfriend at all, because he got her into trouble by the law. But I over looked that when I found out she was 7 1/2 months pregnant. We talked all the time. Then the few days before she had my grandson things got a lil strange. She didnt talk that much. They just moved in with a friend since they came homeless. She was going to move here after my grandson was born. I was so excited. She was in labor for 72 hours so my grandson can be born on his dad's birthday. The lady she moved in has 6 kids of her own. The lady started buying things for my grandson,that is when things changed. She was there when my grandson was born. I couldnt go since we live over 750 miles away. I was putting money up to go get them and move them here, But I bought my grandson a lot of baby stuff he needed. After my oldest daughter went home 3 days later she got mad at me blocked me from facebook said I was no longer her mom the new lady that took her in was. And I was never allowed to see my grandson NO matter what. I got very mad over this, I sent her money to pay her court and then after it she said this. She wanted me to mail my grandson's stuff, I said no if you want it you need to pay for it to be shipped. I couldnt afford it. She said sale it. So I'm trying to do that now. And she needs money, I said NO the only way I will help pay our court is if you move home. She said NO, so I said ask your new mom for it.
I want to go this spring or summer to see my new grandson. She has told his family off also and block them and no unblock them and talks to them but no me. No clue but to sit back and hope she will wake up and call me or write to me.
I mailed off my grandson some toys I got him for Christmas, sure hope she gives them to him?
I've looked up online about grandparents rights, some states says yes others says no.
I'm in Georgia she's in Ohio.

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Not likely,Unless you were a caretaker of the baby,and raised the baby because your daughter was not being responsible. sounds fishy though,why your daughter suddenly turns on you.

Vickie - posted on 11/22/2011




the internet is a good source. Call someone in your area at legal aid for answers to your questions. You may need an attorney and go in front of a judge to get the results you want.

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