Is there an increased risk of pre-term labor if a woman smokes marijuna during pregnancy?

Kiahashley - posted on 09/11/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am trying to find some information on marijuana use and if/how it effects pregnant women, as well as if it increases the risk for preterm labor? I've tried doing some research myself, but so far the majority of information that I've found simply talks about the increase in risk if a woman smokes BEFORE pregnancy, not during. Does anyone have any information on this subject? I am very curious and would like to know more. Thanks


Brittany - posted on 09/11/2012




Smoke in general, tobacco or weed - can lead to preterm labor.Smoking ages the baby's placenta, once the placenta has reached 'term' your body will go into labor. An aged placenta also limits th nutrients being passed through to the baby. It also limits the supply of oxygen going to the baby, so the baby can also have a low - birth weight as there small bodies are focusing on getting oxygen rather than growing.

I have known women who've smoked both weed and cigarettes and there children have come out fine, I've also seen the other side where babies have been born premature and struggled to survive..

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