Is there anyone here who is struggling with blended families. For 11 1/2 years it has been just me and my daughter, but I have sense found someone, and we are getting married next year. He treats my daughter like his own which is more than I can say for her biological father, but she is absolutely refusing to give my soon to be a chance. My house is an absolute nightmare right now. What can I do to make t better.


Jacinta - posted on 12/06/2012




She's 11 so she is old enough for you to talk to quite honestly.

Ask her why she won't give him a chance,of she's just doing it and has no apparent reason tell her I am marrying him he makes me happy and he will be living here.He loves you and he knows he isn't your dad he isn't trying to be he is just trying to be nice and show you that he cares about you and thinks of you as his own daughter.Tell her this wedding isn't going to be called off just because you don't want it to happen.He is nice to you and makes mum happy and I try to hard to make you happy,in this family we support each other and want everyone to be happy so you should support mum being happy.You don't have to love him you don't have to call him dad but you do have to give him a chance he is a nice guy and he is here to stay you never know you might actually like him if you give him a chance.You can either spend your live miserable while we go out and do fun things and be happy or you can be open to the change and have fun with us.I can't force you to be happy and give him a chance but I really really want you to for me,I will always love you and you will forever be my daughter you will always come first but our life is going to change and we are going to have a proper family.I really hope you decide to join the fun and give him a chance!

Hopefully that will give her a change of heart,also maybe setup a day where just the two of them can ago out somewhere have a really fun day maybe grab some ice cream because you have to go somewhere (fake excuse) and hopefully they will have heaps of fun and bond!

Good luck :)

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