Is there anyone out there that teaches their children about the ways of God and that the sabbath is on Saturday?

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I'm curious if anyone teaches their children the ways of God. Does anyone teach their children that Saturday is the sabbath day?


Elfrieda - posted on 04/27/2012




What I always understood is that Sabbath was always Saturday, but then Jesus rose on a Sunday so they celebrated then, too. Most of his followers were Jews, so they would go to synagogue on the Saturday and celebrate with other believers on the Sunday. Now most Christians celebrate on Sunday. But I don't think it really matters, like Sarah says. One day should be the day of rest.

Actually, right now my family's going to church on Saturday night because our church has two services on Sunday (two languages) and then another one on Saturday. But it's rough being busy every Saturday night, and so with attendance down for the summer with people going on holiday, we're combining the two English services into the Sunday morning one. I don't think God cares about *when* we meet, as long as we meet.

Oh, and I'm definitely "pushing my views" on my son, or to put it another way, I'm teaching him what I believe is the truth. You don't have to have weak convictions to understand that other people have value even when they disagree with you.

Medic - posted on 04/26/2012




My children know about other religions and that in some Saturday is the sabbath and that some believe certain things are believed to be the ways of god. We are not overtly religious people and are leaning to the side of letting the kids choose for themselves what they believe.

September - posted on 04/26/2012




We just recently starting going to church as a family so no we haven't made it that far as in teaching about sabbath day however God is a part of our daily life in other ways. My husband and I are getting baptized this Sunday and our son is getting dedicated the following Sunday. I myself grew up going to church and then stopped going for a while so I've always had a relationship with him but now my husband and son do as well. It's really cute/special to hear a 3 year old talk about God :)

ETA: I'd also like to add that just because our family believes in God does not mean that we don't respect other religions as well. Also if our son gets to an age where he no longer wants to go to church or have a relationship with God, that will be fine too.


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No, I'm not a seven day adventist. God's people doesn't have a denomination. I don't go to church. I read my Bible at home and listen to those that I think is trying to tell the truth. Yes, I do believe Saturday is the Sabbath. I will not however put anyone down who don't have it on this day and has it on Sunday. Many people do have it on Sunday like Elfrieda had said, because Jesus rose up from the dead on Sunday. He was resurrected. The catholics had changed the Sabbath day. Noone in my book is doing wrong for having it on Sunday or any other day of the week, if they believe they are not. God says if you go against of what you feel is right, you are doing wrong.
I want my children to learn the Sabbath and that there are still good people out there in the world who believes in God too. That there isn't all bad in the world.

User - posted on 04/27/2012




I don't think it matters in particular which day you count as the Sabbath. The principle is that 1 day out of 7 should be a day of rest.

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I want to thank you for your input on this. I'm just curious if anyone believe in Saturday being the Sabbath day. I believe many people who have church on Sunday, do believe they are doing right too. I'm not someone to criticize anyone else about religion whatsoever. I try to teach my children the ways of God of how I understand it. Many ways of how I grew up with. I want my children to learn and take it the way they feel is right to them. I will not push them when they get older, they may not like the ways I've taught them. But one day, they will have to.

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