Is there anyone still nursin if so is your baby growing slow also? My little guy is almost five months and at his last Doctors appt he weighed 9.12oz and is 25

Tyra - posted on 02/25/2012 ( 8 moms have responded )




Everywhere I go people still thinks my son is a newborn and he isint. My pediatrician says he is just petite but I dont know what do you guys think. He is happy as can be, He talks ALOT lol and loves to interact with everyone. Please let me know what you guys think also I only breastfeed. I am also a first time mom


Sarah - posted on 02/28/2012




My daughter is 19 months and 20lbs, 3 oz. Most people think she's significantly younger than what she is because of her size (her feet are also only a size 2-3) and she's 29.5 inches long. She small. But, she was born at the 15% and is at the 15% now. She had some growth issues due to a medical condition, however, they have resolved and she's healthy where she is. Remember, not every kid is large. Growth charts are based on formula fed infants (there are some new one's for breastfed babies, ask your pediatrician if he's using that one). Formula fed infants are in general bigger than breastfed babies. Having said that, some babies will be at the 95%, and some at the 5%. SOMEONE has to fit into each percentile point. This is how they make the chart. The key is not to compare your babe to other kids, but to track his growth on his own chart because if he's at the 25% and drops to the 5% there may be a problem, but if his growth is consistent, he's doing just fine. Growth charts are used to track individual progress, not make you feel bad if he's smaller than "average." Good for you for nursing, and if he's growing, then stop worrying and enjoy this time when he's so small cause he won't be for long!

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Hi Tyra. My daughter is 12 months only 17lbs and 27inches. The doctors say she is way below average but she is progressing just like she should as far as walking talking being a pain :) however they are worried about her height and weight. They tested her for thyroid problems (over active) we are waiting on the test results. However I would say keep asking questions as long as you have them especially as a first time mom. Enjoy you're baby get seconds third fourth and fifth opinions. Good luck witheverything and enjoy him to the fullest great job breastfeeding :)


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Tyra - posted on 02/28/2012




Thanks so much Sarah. I believe my ped is using the formula fed chart but I am not for sure I will have to ask on our next visit. I will also look up the breast fed chart. Your post helped alot!

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As long as he's continuing to grow, thrive, meet milestones, and is happy... and especially if he's ped doesn't see any problems... He is fine! Kids come in all shapes and sizes and small does not automatically mean anything is wrong. :)

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some kids are just different. I exclusively breastfed until 6 months and my kids are MONSTERS. Ginormous. To be fair, my first started out heavier than your five month old, ha! It's a little ridiculous.

Your doctor is obviously happy with his development and growth- it doesn't matter if his growth is slow or small, as long as it's consistant. My sister was always in below the scale- she didn't even get into the 5th percentile until she was four years old! She was just a peanut!

You're getting to the point where you can start introducing solids if you wish, and that may be fine, but remember introducing solids means your child still gets most of their nutrients from breastmilk (or formula)- it has everything they need! I know plenty of peanuts in my area. My 2 1/2 year old currently weighs the same as a four year old, and my 16 month old weighs as much as our 2 1/2 year old friend! It's ridiculous.

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