Is there funding for kids under the autism spectrum?

Denise - posted on 11/11/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm a mother of two little boys. They both have been diagnosed with speech and developmental delays. Last year my oldest who is now 8 was diagnosed with being under the autism spectrum. Now I'm going through the same thing with my 5 year old who was recently kicked out of a school for having bad behavior. He has yet to be evaluated but seems like he is heading towards the same direction as my oldest. My concerns is not that I will have two kids under the "spectrum" is that I haven't been able to find the resources to help them with their challenges. I'm a stay at home mom and unfortunately my family lives on one income which doesn't cover all the treatments and therapies my children need. There is just so much the schools can offer and I know that if I had the means to provide them with outside help, they could benefit and maybe overcome some of the challenges they face on a daily basis. My question is if there is any type of government funding for kids under the spectrum? Please help! I just want to get them the help and intervention as early as possible. Thanks and God bless!


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Sarah - posted on 11/11/2015




You don't need to move. You do need to get educated and have the backbone to not give up. There are federal mandates that require every single public school system to provide an education for every child and to provide services for every child that need them. Start by contacting the dept of Special Education and get an evaluation for your child. Then base on the information you received and IEP (Individual Education Plan) will be written for your child. You must sign off on this in order for it to get put into place. This is where you need to be your very toughest and don't back down. If you don't have a school that offers and certain service that one of your kids needs, then request the implement the service or they have your child bused to the nearest school that has the programming you desire. Make friends with the of parents of SN kids and find out where they got help and let them help you work the system. The school nurse should be your ally, and help advocate for your children. I know it is scary, but if you dig in and push hard and don't give up, your boys will get the education they need.

Jzak - posted on 11/11/2015




If u don't have money for tutoring or therapy u need to find a public school that will help them. Ask around and search poorer neighborhoods or inner city schools that tend to have more therapists assigned to them as they get grants and more money from the state that some of the wealthier schools. I was even told once to move to a poverty area in the mountains. That wasn't realistic but if I was starting over with kids in kindergarten that had LD issues I would consider moving to get them into a school district that was willing to help. State law says they have to help ur child but there are schools that will fight u and schools that will be helpful. Try to read some books and alter their diets and make sure their ferrous iron levels aren't low. If they are, get them on supplements. You as a mom have the ability to be supportive and helpful and positive and that will be huge. Try to limit their homework and get them outside or into a sport - something they will feel good at.

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