is there something wrong with my stepdaughter

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I don't know what's wrong with my stepdaughter and my partner and I are at our wits end! She shows no emotion about anything, lies, has no interest in anything...the list goes on. To cut a long story short she has been grounded and/or had items confiscated on almost a weekly basis for the last year and a bit. Issues ranging from general laziness and answering back, to sending explicit pictures to boys, disrespecting teachers and doing badly overall at school to the point where they have run out of ideas...most recently she went missing overnight and deliberately didn't contact her mother or anyone else, not even her friends and although the police became involved after she was reported as having she lied to them and continues to lie about things until she is told we know otherwise. And the worst thing is, my partner has tried everything to make her understand consequences and teach her right from wrong, it's just getting worse and the daughter is well...emotionally void. It's like nothing sinks in, nothing makes her feel any kind of empathy or understanding or guilt about what she has done. Her father is the same...seems like something is not quite there and we are wondering if she has some kind of disorder. Some of the behaviours can be put down to teenager things, like we all had, but even so it doesn't explain why she doesn't seen to feel anything. Any suggestions??


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Parents split several years ago and the father is near but not always around. And he displays the same types of traits emotionally. Counselling seems to be the next step although my partner is reluctant but has agreed to give it a go. It's just hard knowing whether it's the right thing to thinking is that it can't hurt as we have literally run out of ideas on how to deal with things to the point where she actually takes things on board. But I'm not the parent so it's easier for me to think along those lines as I'm looking in from the outside to a degree. I've read a few things and it seems like it's a possibility there is more to it than teenage rebellion purely because of the lack of emotion but I just don't know.

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Are her parents coparenting well? Are they on the same page disciplinary wise?

I would say a combo of the divorce/new partners, and teenage angst, and, well, even possibly an attachment disorder, but I hate to assume.

I'd suggest counseling to start

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