is there such a thing as a drug free c section?

Kale - posted on 05/22/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have strep B and am also too small to have a natural child birth. so it would be safer for her if I were to have a c- section. my question is it possible to have a drug free c- section I know it would be painful but i just want to be able to endure the whole process as natural as I can or as close to natural as I can.


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Dude, Even with drugs you can feel them tugging on shit. Unless you are cool with the feeling of being sliced open, you want drugs. In any case, it would be entirely unethical to not drug you.

I'm not sure how you know you are too small. Plenty of teeny people give birth. Sometimes teeny people have teeny babies! And the strep b thing is no biggie.

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I don't see how that could be medically possible or recommended. I know I've heard of women having emergency c-sections and not having the time to get an epideral etc, but I think they usually try to just sedate them all together instead. I would think that there would be too much of a chance of you going into shock from the pain. Just think about what a c-section actually entails. It would most likely be to the babies benefit to have you relaxed and calm instead of ravished with pain.

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No. No surgeon would ever perform a major abdominal surgery without some sort of anesthesia. They will likely give you an epidural or spinal to do your c-section. You have to be frozen, that's gonna take medications to do that!

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Hell no. They cut through 7 layers of tissue. It's also very painful for days-weeks afterwards to walk or roll in bed. I doubt anyone will do a spinal block or epidural -less caesar on purpose.

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