Is there work from home that is ligit

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What to believe in if the world is inherently evil?
All I have is questions with no answers because the world does not make sense any more. It seems that the more evil and cruel you are the more you get in life at the expense of the people you’re conning, cheating or stealing from.
I’m a new mother with a two month old baby this is my second child my first daughter is 17 years old, when I was still pregnant with my first born I caught my fiancé with my best friend in bed and I left if raising my daughter myself. It was no walk in the park because I had to work leaving my daughter during the day with my mother – it saved a few rand on day care- but unfortunately she got spoiled badly, at least now that she’s a teenager and me taking care of her myself for the last couple of years she has learned humility charity and a sense of responsibility even if sometimes she will revert to her spoiled self. With my new baby I would like to raise her from the start, I’m not saying I’m perfect but I believe in honesty integrity loyalty and being humble as all people are the same no one person is better than another . I’m married now but we still need a second income to be able to survive I have a job but would prefer not to return to it as it is a full time job – this time his mother wants to raise my child because she is already raising my sister in law’s two boys aged 11 and 14. They have emotional problems and see a psychiatrist due to the confusion of who to listen to their mother or their grandmother. Now what happened was the day I brought my daughter home my husband and I never have peace to bond with our daughter as his mother is permanently in our faces, I mean she wants to see my daughter every day as they are living with us at the moment (my parents in law was supposed to finish building their flat at the back of our yard 4 months ago at the end of October 2012 its now almost the end of January 2013) Verushka my baby daughter sleeps with my husband and I in our room (in her cot) as there is no space in the house with his parents and his nephews extra so if my room door is open every body is in my face and to have a 5 minute break I have to keep my door closed, but then that is also a problem because then the in laws complain that I don’t want them to see the baby, for that reason “ the obsession” they have with my child I want to stay at home doing work from home but all I’ve found so far is scams cheaters and liars . How do you raise a child and protect them if there is only evilness in the world?
Please don’t get me wrong it was my idea to let the in law’s stay here till they finish the flat because they seemed like awesome people until they tried or is trying to take charge of my house my life and my child and I’ve spoken to my mother in law explaining that I take my responsibilities seriously and that Verushka is my daughter and I will raise her and if I need help I will ask for it, does that make me a bad person? Is that why I can’t get real work online? Am I to dumb even after working for the last 19 years nonstop and having a nursing degree, not that I’ve nursed in the last 17 years I’m in electrical sales
How do I handle this?

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