Is this a miscarriage?

Sky - posted on 02/13/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




My period was 2 weeks late so I decided to take a home pregnancy test. 3/3 tests gave me positive. I was around 6 weeks pregnant when I took the HPTs. I experienced pregnancy symptoms such as backaches and cravings.

Then 3 days after I took the tests I bled heavily. The abdominal cramps that I experienced where excruciating. I was in pain for a long time until I felt something came sliding out of my lady part. They were blobs of blood. They were fairly big. And then a peachy fleshy-looking thing came out. It was like 2 cm in width and like an inch long. I continued to bleed heavily for roughly 4 days and but the bleeding continued for over a week.

Then just this week, I stopped experiencing pregnancy symptoms. No more fatigue, back pains, weird cravings. I decided to take another pregnancy test and all 4 HPTs gave me negatives. I also decided to take a blood test which gave me a positive.

I was not trying to conceive. The condom accidentally broke. Also, I took oral contraceptives the day after the incident and continued to take it for 21 consecutive days. I don't know what to think now. Am I still pregnant or did I have a chemical pregnancy or something?


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Jodi - posted on 02/13/2014




False positives on pregnancy tests are rare, especially if you are 2 weeks late and especially as you had 3 positive tests. What you describe certainly sounds like a miscarriage. Your blood test may still be giving a positive because your HCG is still a little higher than normal, but not enough to trigger a urine test. If you are still concerned, you can ask for an ultrasound, as it would be quite apparent if you were still pregnant.

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