Is this a sign to start on solids?

Ayman - posted on 09/03/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Ok. So twin A (5 month +) has been frequently feeding lately - he calms down after a lot of food - breast milk and then he needs more - so I have started supplementing with formula. I was giving him one supplement at night feeds. Now it seems that three supplements at night keep him asleep for 5 hours. Has anyone else had this issue? Do you think this is a sign that he needs solids? I would love to hear your experience!

I know that babies are different and typically we should start solids at 6 months, but this sudden change in appetite seems to point in that direction - thats just my instinct.


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Dove - posted on 09/03/2012




It could be a sign for being ready for solids... or it could be sign that supplementing with formula is decreasing your breast milk production. Plus, formula digests slower than breast milk, so that could be keeping him asleep longer. If it were ME.... I'd stop the formula and just offer the breast again and maybe start offering a bite or two of solids (after nursing) to see if she's interested.

Amy - posted on 09/03/2012




Yeah I had that same problem around 8 months, my daughter had already started solids. She was teething and started waking at night due to the discomfort of teething, I found the sooner I got to her and nursed her the quicker she went back to sleep.

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