is this enough to get full custody?

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i am a mom of 4. 2 girls of my own and 2 step babies : ))) i have been with my fiance for about 3 years now and have taken in his children as my own. problem is we have 50/50 custody with their mom and she regularly leaves them with us on her scheduled time. she states she has medical issues but we ask her for proof and she refuses to supply any paperwork. she has changed her number so when she drops them off we can not get a hold of her to see when she is coming back,she refuses to tell her address. in july she only had the kids 2 days before she came to drop them off again and we kept them the rest of the month.i am very involved in school with our kids and have attended all field trips and school has sign in sheets to show i have signed them in and out even on her days. i recently was driving in the car with my kids when my 5 yr old son saw a cop and said i have to duck. i asked him what was he talking about and he said when he is with his mom she says to duck.i then asked if he rides in a car seat in her car and he stated this enough to file an emergency hearing and try to get full custody of kids?i am worried about my kids and their well being,if they got in a car accident we could not replace our kids if something happened.we just feel our children need a stable home and schedule where they can feel secure


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obviously the current schedule isnt working. It's vital the kids maintain a meaningful relationship with both biological parents, regardless of step parent involvement Your husband needs to seek a hearing for a new parenting orders. If there are safety concerns he could file for residency (kids living with him) and give the bio mother supervised access. I agree the kids need consistency, however, once there has been a 50/50 agreement put in place, it takes a lot to change them. I'd suggest that first and foremost, your husband seek some legal advice. good luck!

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