Is this guy a horrible father?

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I'm 18 and have a 2 1/2 year old daughter, Jaylin, I live with my mom and plan to move out soon. My boyfriend, Brett, who is also Jaylin's father is almost 20 and lives in his mom's basement. Lately, I'm concerned he is not interested in me anymore. First off when he comes over he acts as dead beat as ever. I'm always running around taking care of Jaylin and he refuses to help. I ask him to help and he's like, "Mandy, you can do everything yourself. Okay? So shush up and do what women are suppose to". He always ignores Jaylin and stuff. Once, he told me to go over to the couch and he started to talk to me and stuff and then JAYLIN NEEDED SOMETHING AND HE TOLD HER TO SHUT THE F**CK UP. Sometimes I break down and cry and he's like, "MANDY, BABE, I LOVE YOU. you KNOW THAT. Kay?". When Jaylin was 1st born I broke up with him and he tried to get custody. He lost, but we got back together because he swore he would change. He always says he will change, but never does. I want what's best for Jaylin but I love him, I think. HELP, ADVICE?


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I take it that you were about 15 when you had your baby or 16. That is quite young to become a parent. I would assume your BF was about 17 or 18 at the time to become a father. He is still very young and being this young and being a parent is not easy for either of you. But what you need to do is to go to court and get custody set with visitation and child support because he is the father he needs to be held accountable for his responsibilities. Since he has not shown from what you have posted here as anything that is considered very dangerous to the child, he should be able to have ample time to visit and establish a relationship with her. I do think that this is beyond you and him as a couple now. I think it is time to move on and let things with him go. Just keep up the contact for the sake of the baby so she can know both parents.

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