is this normal?

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my daughter is 7 goin on 8 mths and she doesn't crawl son who is now 4 was crawling by now but what i was woundering is..when she sees a toy she wants she rolls to it or wiggles to it or pushes herself along the floor cause she pushes backwards and the only other person i know who did not crawl as a baby was my sister who apparently use to push her slef every where and then she went to walking and i was woundering if this is normal..will she crawl at all and has anybody elses baby did this and then went straight to walking with out actually crawling? just curious what to u have to say any advice or comment thank u :)


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It's normal. Not all babies crawl. Some scoot or just pill themselves along. Others skip it completely and go straight to walking.

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My son didn't learn to crawl until after he was walking.
Apparently, he didn't read the book that told him he was supposed to crawl first.
He went from struggling to sit trying to pull himself to standing. He never did the crawling thing. It wasn't until he had been walking for maybe a YEAR before we could catch him in the floor really CRAWLING while he pushed a toy car.
My son took his first steps just days after he turned 9 months.
Sitting here now, I wonder if we "did" that to him because we were always holding him in a standing position. We would lace our hands under his arms and help him 'stand' and play with him and bounce him while his feet were planted either on our belly...or the floor. Maybe we spent a lot of time holding him in that standing position while we played with him? We would swing him around as if he were 'walking' or dancing...I think maybe he had a little encouragement to stand on his feet early.
My best friend is very experienced with babies...she was a foster parent and has raised about two dozen kids. As soon as she saw him pulling himself up on the furniture she started showering him with toys that encourage standing and walking. She got him a few different push toys..and an activity table he could pull himself up on and then have great noisy toys to paw at.
Nobody here really encouraged soon as he started cruising the furniture we started encouraging him to walk.

Now I can't find a single thing that has hurt him because he didn't crawl first. His doctor is happy with his development...he can run and jump. He loves wearing his shoes and he's the best one in the world when it comes time to chase the dog down. He is learning to count woh-too-free-fow-FIFE!
I can't find a single THING about skipping crawling that could have possibly hurt him. Me on the other meant that I had to move EVERYTHING in the house UP three feet.

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My son wasn't crawling at 9 months. Concerned me since my daughter was walking by 10 months. Each child is different. I had to keep reminding myself that they weren't the same. My son didn't walk until a bit over a year old. You'd never know it two months later as he's running and navigating around like a crazy boy. :)


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