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Mary - posted on 11/25/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Ok so lately i have been feeling so emotional. Everytime i hear a song (especially country songs) i break down in tears because i feel like i relate. So it made me think of my life and where i wanted to go with it not just for me but for my son as well. So i am a teen mom and i am with my babies father and i am studying to be a medical transcriptionist ( already graduated high school) but i have so many unsolved issues with myself and my life.I am always so angry i dont have many people to talk to because my boyfriend is not much of a talker and i hate telling my mom and sister things because i am embarrased. I only have my 9 month old son but he can already start to comprehend his surroundings. What do i do? i keep asking my bf to PLEASE talk to me because i am having serious issues and he just laughs or says no i dont want to talk. I need somebody please! I have always dealt with my problems on my own. As a child i was molested by my uncle and for some reason at the time i thought it was okay. I thought that was how it was supposed to be even though he always told me to shush so i never told anyone and plus we were living with him at the time so i didnt want my brothers and sister and i to get seperated. Sometimes i feel guilty and like its my fault... thats most of my days. I just need a little advice. I have tried talking to my bf, telling him i wil leave and that helps for like a day but i have nowhere to go. I babysit his dads gfs daughters but i dont make much. But i dont want to leave him i want him and I to work things out. I love him so much!! but i cant take much longer! Any help?


Michelle - posted on 11/25/2012




You need to go and see a counselor. It helps to talk to someone who is trained to help people that have been through what you have, not just anyone.

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