Is this normal my baby boy Mike, he is always wanting my attention & when someone is with him he goes up to the breast area and will start to try and suck on someones breast he doesn't even know is this something to worry 'bout.


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Dove - posted on 11/12/2012




It's not exactly 'normal' for a kid that age to try and suck on someone's breast (except yours if you are still breastfeeding him..), but have you told him to stop and explained to him WHY it's inappropriate (not touching other people's body parts, etc...).

Always wanting your attention is pretty normal though. Make certain times to play just with him and then let him know when you can't play with him while you have to make dinner or something and set him up with a video (on occasion) or involved in something he likes to do that will take a while... like a puzzle, legos, etc...

Michelle - posted on 11/12/2012




He's old enough for you to tell him not to. Explain that it's not nice to the other person and take him away. My 2yo understands when I tell her that she isn't being nice to someone. Maybe explain that when he does it he makes the other person upset.

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