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So I have a unique situation. I have a son who is now 3, and my ex and I have a daughter who is 18months. But, he also has another daughter who is 18months... The 2 babies are 5 days apart. We had broken up for a bit and he started to see another woman, but then we got back together. She then told him she was pregnant. But for us to have babies 5 days apart he had to of been sleeping with both if us at the same time... Right? He says he wasn't but yet there is now this baby. Needless to say I left him and is with her and raising that baby as his own. He now wants to have a paternity test done... But my question is what are the chances of that baby being his if he swears he wasn't sleeping with us both at the same time??


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Hmmm...I'd say you're asking the wrong folks. Get some blood tests done

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If he swears he was not sleeping around, then the baby is not his. but he is probably lying. He is the father of both of your kids, and the supposed father of another 18 month old? If he is named as the father and parenting the child, then of course he was sleeping with both of you at the same time. You want clarity? Do the DNA test. A real one, not a mail order one that he can tamper with the samples. Go to a lab and get a test with an intact chain of custody. If he is the father, then you know he cheats too. If is he not the father, then he is parenting a child that is not his to parent.


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The only way to know if he's the father of the other child is for him to do the DNA test.

If he is, and you want to try to determine whether he cheated on you, you have to guess at a few things. Because, unless he comes clean and tells the truth, there's almost no way to know for certain. BUT, if you two were "together" for at least two months before and two months after the conception of your child, then he probably cheated.

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If he actually was not having sex w/ her then the baby can not be his... but if he is just saying he wasn't sleeping w/ her and he actually was... there is a good chance the baby is his (100% chance if SHE wasn't sleeping w/ anyone else).

Sarah - posted on 02/10/2016




Due dates are just estimates. So yes it is possible to have two babies 5 days apart. She may ovulate differently than you. Or he could be lying and have been with the both of you at the same time.....might want to be tested for STD'S to make sure you are safe.

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