Is your baby a tummy sleeper?

Lana - posted on 03/14/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am NOT looking for advice!! Let me make myself clear. My child my rules.
Our daughter has NEVER liked sleeping on her back. We tried several times to no avail. She has been holding her head up since she was 3 weeks so we have no issues with her sleeping on her tummy at all. Pediatricians and pretty much everyone else tries to tell you that tummy sleeping is dangerous. I find this completely ridiculous. If we lay her on her back she sleeps max 15 minutes, On her side maybe 30 and on her tummy a full 1 1/2 hrs!!. Why do parents feel the need to FORCE their children to sleep in a way that is uncomfortable for them? It seems to me strength and neck control should be the only factor in whether or not people allow their baby to sleep on their tummy. Obviously a baby with a floppy neck shouldn't tummy sleep.

Lets perform a group study with adults. Take them all into a room. Take all of the blankets and pillows off of the bed, now tell all of the adults they have to sleep flat on their backs in the middle of the bed. During the night I want notes taken on which participants get any decent sleep.

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