Is your hair falling out too?

Ashlee - posted on 07/25/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




I just had my baby in April and now my hair is falling out at an alarming rate. It's gross. It's EVERYWHERE! I've talked to other moms and some said it happened to them too, but is there anything to make it STOP????? How long does this continue for?


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Hello, Make sure you are getting enough iron. that was the main cause of extra hair loss between my sister and I. Good luck


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Isobel - posted on 07/26/2009




I used to be a hairdresser...I could tell how old people's babies were by how long the regrowth was. Totally normal, though I know it feels like your losing your mind- lol

Ashlee - posted on 07/25/2009




Wow! Sounds like there's still aways to go :( I'll have to invest in some hair nets for when I cook then. I don't even wanna eat what I cook anymore. There's too much hair in it.

Heather - posted on 07/25/2009




My son is almost 6 1/2 months and I'm still losing hair by the has gotten gradually better...but, I'm surprised I'm not bald! lol

Rebecca - posted on 07/25/2009




When you are pregnant you stop loosing hairs and then once the baby is born and hormones have settled (around 3 months or so) you will start to loose all the hair that you should have lost during the 9 months you were pregnant. It will take a while but you will notice that it will taper off and not be as bad in the next 3-4 months....but it is gross though its everywhere. Im at that stage now too I just had my 2nd baby the begining of May. But its normal :)

Melissa - posted on 07/25/2009




I was told that while you are pregnant you dont shed the hair you normally would. We lose about 100 or more hairs a day, but when you are pregnant you dont lose any of it. That is why people notice that their hair seems thicker. Its not the vitamins cause that would only affect the new hair growing in. Then after you have your baby you start to lose all that hair that you would have normally. This is why it seems like soooooo much. No biggy it should stop....if not let you DR. know and maybe he will check you for anemia. I know that happens when people are over weight unhealthy or anemic.

Shannon - posted on 07/25/2009




i shed like a dog for about 6 to 7 months. like im not joking junks of hair before and after a shower. i can brush my hair a hundred times a day and still loose a mountain of hair . it slows down and eventually stops. your hormones have to regulate again.

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