isolation of being a stay at home mum..

Vanessa - posted on 04/28/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




just wondering if any mums could give me some tips to help beat this isolation feeling I have been having lately!

i am lucky enough to be a mother to a gorgeous cheeky 2 year old and a stay at home mother. my daughter is in daycare twice a week, so i can have some time to do my try and complete my course i have chosen to do through correspondence. my daughter does swimming lessons once a week and we also go to a playgroup once a week (its actually finished for the term and hopefully will still be running during the next school term). i try to keep myself and my daughter busy, however have been feeling rather down and isolated lately.

i dont have alot of contact with my old friends anymore. before my daughter i used to go out partying alot of the time and that really was my main priority. since having my daughter this has changed, which has made some friendships dissolve as our interests and priorities are different now. some i have chosen not to keep in contact with and others the other way around. i am only 24 and can be very shy and find it hard making friends but am feeling like i need and want too! i have a couple of friends that are mums and i get along with, however we all know how hard it is too keep plans while having a child who doesnt feel like listening to anything you say or is just not on their best behaviour that day!

anyways just wondering if any other mums felt like this and how you make yourself feel better? or how you have solved your problem and meet new friends?

thanks :)


Cristina - posted on 04/28/2013




I have two children one 3yr old and one 3 month old I just became a stay at home on for the second time. I had a rough time last time because I had lived 4 hrs away from any family/friends during my whole pregnancy and was unemployed at the same time. I have been where you are at I only have 2 friends one with kids other old friends are not in the picture ..... I fell into a deep depression where I denied and tried to dig myself out of by myself by getting a job which only made it worse. It was a bad work environment and made me stress more. . Having this baby actually helped me feel better its like my hormones shifted back I feel better than ever have you ever thought of having something hormonaly and talking to therapist ? It helped me tremendasly !!

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