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Amanda - posted on 11/06/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Our son will be 3 Jan 29th and he has been potty training since for about 6 months. The first time we tried he did really well for a month and then he just started refusing to pee on the potty and would hold it until we put his diaper back on then. To avoid bladder infections that would really discourage from using the potty, we stopped and tried again in August.

If we tell him to go pee he will every time and go all day without accidents if we don't, he will constantly pee in his underwear. We know that he understands the sensations because he has told us before (within the last month) when he has had to pee. Yesterday for example, he peed in his underwear and 30 min later he went on the potty on his own, but an hr later he peed twice in his underwear. My husband and I are at a loss we don't know what we are supposed to do, we feel as if he is not concerned. Please any suggestions?


Ariana - posted on 11/06/2012




I would continue having him go pee at specific times. Like go pee before your nap or pee before we eat or leave the house etc. The thing is sometimes kids really aren't getting those signals to their bladder. Sometimes they get really distracted or engrossed in something that they almost forget about going to the washroom.

Sometimes making sure they can do everything on their own can help them go. My son used to not come tell me he had to go potty and have accidents but once then he realized he could pull his own pants down and things and would go by himself while I was in another room and tell me afterwards. Not sure if that will help.

I would really just keep having him go at consistant times and remind him to tell you when he needs to go. Also make sure you make a super big deal every time he tells you he went to the potty or went on his own. Call a family member up while he's within earshot after he's done it and say 'Wow, do you know what my son did? He went to the potty all by himself, came right over and went on it. Isn't that awesome?'. Children love 'overhearing' praise about themselves, it's sometimes more effective than telling them what a good job they've done.

Just keep doing what you need to and don't make it into a power struggle. He's still pretty young, I know some kids who didn't get potty trained until they were 3 1/2 so every childs body is different.

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