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Laura - posted on 07/02/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I live in an apartment building and I have always had one neighbor who has never liked me! Since the day I moved in 3 years ago I have never said anything rude to her because I would prefer to be nice to those who live around me! Less problems right? Well wrong apparently.

I was walking to the garbage chute one day with my daughter(1 yrs old) in my arms. An the lady came out of an apartment and began to walk towards me telling me " everyone in the building hates you AND your daughter!"
In complete shock I said "sorry"
She responded with " no your not, you don't care it's been going on for years. Kids make noise but yours are fucking annoying."
I again said " I truly am sorry."
And as she got on the elavotor she said " no your not don't lie."
I'm a very emotional person I'm not going to lie I began crying immediately and I was in shock I could no believe that she would say these things.

About three hours later I had put my daughter down for a nap when the woman came to my door and started kicking it. As you can imagine it made a lot of noise and I mean a lot. My husband answered the door and told her to leave us alone and our daughter is sleeping so leave us alone. He closed our door and she kept kicking it. This time she woke my daughter and she was terrified but can't blame her!! And the woman says "all she does is cry anyways"

Two days later my daughter and I were on the couch playing and I was tickling her and she began to laugh! I then heard this womans door open and she proceeded to yell " shut the fuck up" to us. My daughter was laughing not crying it just seems this woman doesn't like anything. She still does it every once in awhile opening her door and yelling at us. I just can't stand it anymore!!

I just am at a loss for what I should do! Can I charge her with harassment or even get a restraining order because this women scares the crap out of me. Like I am sorry my daughter makes a lot of noise but she is a CHILD there is nothin I can do about it and I do not want to be living in fear anymore!


Louise - posted on 07/02/2012




I would seek legal advice about this one. She seems very intollerant of you and your family. I think I would be inclined to move if I could. This woman is off her head and putting a restraining order on her is just going to make things worse. If you can move.

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