It finally daughter's bully became the victim

Frank - posted on 04/08/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




A girl who has been verbally bullying my daughter for 8 months now has managed to now cry foul and become the victim. They are both 13.

Bully likes to get what I call her posse together and send them to ask unsuspecting girls about bully. This info is then transported back to bully so bully and posse can return to unsuspecting girl and verbally attack them. Bully comes just short of laying hands on these unsuspecting girls. The funny part is these unsuspecting girls are all blonde and fair and bully is brunette and darker.

Last week my wife and I thought to get the school involved. Then thought better of it and thought the girls should stay away from each other. Advised my daughter to ignore bully.

Last night it came to a head with bully's mom. After 8 months of telling my daughter to ignore her, bully's mom wanted to get together and have the girls settle their differences. Bully told bully's mom that my daughter was being mean to her.

Bully's mom day in my house and chastised my daughter for being mean. Actually, that's what I expected would happen. Bully's mom has her head in the sand or bully has her fooled. When the other girl bully was bullying name came up, other girl said "no" when asked if she was being bullied. Other girls mom didn't want to get involved. Nice huh. Do now we look like the bully!!!!

How can we ever fix this and live a normal life?

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