It's been said to me recently that because I don't take my children to church every Sunday, that I don't have a deep faith in Christ....

Kelsey - posted on 02/05/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




My exhusbands new wife recently said this to me because my new husband and I don't go to church every Sunday. While I enjoy going to church, sometimes this just isn't possible, beings we own a farm and sometimes things just come up. I truely believe that it isn't about the number of times you sit in church, it's about the relationship you have with God. I have three children with my ex husband and I feel that his new family does a good job of setting a good example by going to church every Sunday, but I feel that my children aren't getting anything from sitting in the kids room while the parents sit in church. My husband and I take any opportunity to discuss Jesus with the kids and try to set a good example by being the best people we can be. Am I on the right track or totally backwards on this?


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You are fine. GOD never said that you needed to attend church on a weekly basis, just that you need to have faith, and follow His teachings.

The next time that someone judges you for not attending church weekly, simply ask them when God gave them the responsibility to be the judge of their peers? Because last I checked, God tells us "judge not, lest ye be judged"...

Keep your faith strong. Raise your children in your faith. No one said that you have to have a minister in your back pocket to be faithful, nor do you have to attend a weekly service, for He also said "wherever two or more of you are gathered together in my name, there shall I be". In other words, keep it up!


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Annette - posted on 09/20/2016




Church is a man made entity. Your relationship with God is a personal entity. It's yours without any interference from anyone or anything. Most Churches are just money making operations these days. Look at how many disingenuous ministers, pastors and priests have been uncovered over the years.

And what do you care what your ex's new wife thinks anyway? Who died and made her the Faith police???

Dove - posted on 02/10/2013




Attending church is very important in continuing to strengthen our faith... BUT Jesus says that where ever 2 or more are gathered in His name... He is there as well, so you and your family can have your OWN 'church service' when you are unable to attend the actual church building. The people are the the church... the building is just where many of them choose to meet.

You sound like you are doing fine at bringing the church into your home. Continue to pray about it and God will tell you where He wants you to be. ♥

Chaya - posted on 02/09/2013




God gets your inability to go to church because the animals are having babies, the window of your car was smashed, you have a sick kid, or whatever. Sometimes things come up, it's no sin.

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