It's one thing after another!!! We solve/figure out one problem/symtpom and as soon as we conquer one, another one starts.

Sarah - posted on 02/23/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 1 yr old daughter was on similac alimentum since she was born. once she turned one her pediatrician told me to start her on whole milk. When we did she was up screaming every night for a week like she was in pain and had diarrhea.We thought it was just because she was teething or because she had a stomach bug. Once she started refusing her milk we called the dr and was told to put her back on her formula. Alomst instantly she was back to herself. Then we had to take her to an express care for what we thought was an ear infection. They gave us ear drops to give her and amoxicilan (sorry for the spelling). Within a day she broke out with this rash from head to toe. And since i just changed our detergent I thought that was the cause. Come to find out she had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. So we stopped that and the rash vanished. The problem we are having now is the diarrhea has not stopped and has actually gotten worse. When she goes it's like water coming out. Its been almost 2 weeks since this all started, but only about a week since its been this watery. She's hydrated and is acting her normal self. I guess my question is could this be yet another side effect from everything that's been going on? Could it be something worse? I just don't want it to be nothing physically wrong with her stomach. (My mind tends to go to worst case scenario after i've tried everything Ive been told to do and did on my own that i thought may help, which was givng her juice...which i stopped doing) I'm calling the pediatrician in the morning but i like to be educated before i speak to or see them, just in case theres a condition, symptom, or allergy they don't mention. I always bring things to their attention and ask questions. Any advice would be helpful and greatly appreciated. Thanks

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