It used to be cute but now it is annoying!

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My 3 year old daughter Bridget loves watching Youtube clips of other toddlers singing or dancing, her favorite is a 2 year old girl singing Justin Bieber's song "Oh Baby Baby". Bridget started singing the song around the house and to me, my hubby and her siblings. For awhile we thought it was so cute, but now we are annoyed by it now. But we can't tell her to stop or cut it out b/c she is really sensitive and her feelings get hurt easily so we are trying to get her to do a different song, especially my 12 year old son is trying to as well.

Does your kid do anything you and your family thought was really cute but now find it really annoying because they kept doing it over and over?


Kyleigh - posted on 09/07/2011




yes my DS comes home from school singing a song he heard from another child sang by Jerimiah called "birthday sexxxxx" my DS sings" its your birthday so I want to riiide it ouuuuttttt GIRL - YOU -KNOW - I- I-I !!"

sorry you would have to hear the song to know how it goes LOL

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We are doing that, teaching her a new song or something else to do. I was asking for people to post their experiences.


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Stifler's - posted on 09/07/2011




YES. Logan blows raspberries ion our arms and legs. It was funny a few times and now it's just annoying when he tries to eat our toes but he thinks it's okay because we laughed that one time.

Amanda - posted on 09/07/2011




Guess what her feelings are going to get hurt a lot in life, so if it is driving you nuts ask her to pick another song. Simple enough.

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