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I am 38 weeks pregnant... dilated to 3cm. for the last 2 days I have been itching like mad. my arms, legs, hands, tops of feet, back of neck, all itch constantly. I have tried lotions, body butter, baby oil, baths, showers. nothing seems to help for more than half hour. is this normal at this stage in pregnancy... is there anything I can do to get some relief? wondering if I should call the doctor... just seems silly to call and ask about itching.


Julie - posted on 01/05/2010




It was normal for me but I got some releif with the cocoa butter cream. It is winter, so it could be just dry skin. Good luck...Julie


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Kelly - posted on 01/05/2010




I had that happen to me with the palms of my hands and bottom of my feet. The doctor just told me to moisturize. I used gold bond ultra moisturizing lotion. It worked pretty good.

Chelsea - posted on 01/05/2010




its sucks i know, and sometimes you itch without realizing, be carefull though, it causes stretch marks =( i look like the USA road map.. its so embarressing. just another thing to shoot down my self esteem. and there was really nothing to fix it, but alhoe (spelling) the green gel people use for sun burns was the only thing that really relieved my itches, i had to carry the bottle everywhere. hopefully no one is rude to you and comes up to you just to tell you that your going to be ugly, like what happened to me because they saw me itch. good luck. get the slimey green stuff.

Renee - posted on 01/05/2010




Nope you have cholystasis (spelling is not right ) I had it both times, and yes it's completely normal and completely safe. There really is nothing to do about it, it's not topical so not on top of your skin, it's in your system. when the baby is born you will be cured. And that's the only relief I could get! I tried to stay cool and dry that helped me but really not much. It's almost over!

Michelle - posted on 01/05/2010




I had the same problem, and called my doctor because it was very uncomfortable, she told me to come in and found that it was because I had high blood pressure. Since you are so far a long, you may be going through the same thing. Good luck only a few weeks to go.

Andrea - posted on 01/05/2010




Call your doctor....There is no such thing as silly question when pregnant if its the first to the tenth kid... I know that there is a rash that only happens to pregnant woman and the only cure in to have the baby.. Do i would call and explain to your doctor what is going on and see what the have to say..

Robin - posted on 01/05/2010




I itched like crazy my last month....I used Eucerin and it helped a little. I also took short hot showers and that seemed to give me some relief. Good luck!

Brandi - posted on 01/05/2010




By this stage of pregnancy EVERYTHING is uncomfortable. I don't know where you live, but It could just be dry skin from cold weather (here in PA it is UNBEARABLY cold and dry and my kids skin as well as my own is also really dry and itchy) which is extra uncomfortable due to your pregnancy. It also may be a result from your skin stretching to accommodate your "little" one (who at this point probably doesn't feel so little). By 38 weeks, I was miserable about EVERYTHING. I hated anyone to touch me, I hated to DO anything, I couldn't stand anything. I would bet that you are just super uncomfortable and hyper sensitive. I would stop the extra bathing or showering as that could be making it worse. Keep it up with the lotions and remember soon it will all be worth it :-)))

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