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i've been with my kids father for 4 years now..we started out friends for a whole year it was great but when oi became his lover it turned into fighting all the time and he used so much stuff against me that i told him when we were just friends..we have two beautiful young girls(4months)and(1year)we been fighting for three and a half years..he cheated on me with a girl that he used to date and let her get in between us while we were huged up and all he said is that she was crazy.he abruse me all the time because he say im to much drama.i always ask him questions about where he be at and disagree with him..he talks to girls on the phone saying that he do things to them but says they live in another state or city he just be talking to them and told one girl that he wanted her to have his baby when i was pregnant with my secon child..i always give him chance after chance wishing that he would change he have hit me outside and drag me on the ground before awhile back..and with him its always friends over me because ha either known him when he was little or they his smoking buddies..i did have sex whith one of his friends when we were broken up because he was always alking to girls and still want to control i done it out of revenge and i got beat on but i fought back..i do all the time and it works sometimes..i even call the police a couple of time but he always leave..and the last thing is i stay with him and his family..because i gave up my apartment to move with him cause he asked


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Treon, give your head a shake, woman. He WON'T change. He will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever change.

You've got to get yourself out of there. Go to a shelter if you have to. What matters is that you get away from him. You do NOT deserve this treatment.

Think of it this way, if your girls were grown and some man was treating them that way, what would you think? Well, if you stay with your man, then it's likely that your girls WILL wind up with men who treat them like that. Because your girls will grow up thinking this is normal.

Get out now. If not for your sake, for your babies' sake. They deserve better, and so do you.

Tara - posted on 08/21/2011




You need to make a plan to get out, find help, go to a shelter if you need to.

This sorry excuse for a human being WILL NOT CHANGE, EVER. The longer you stay with him, the more likely he is to start beating on your children as well. Worst case, he kills you in a fit of rage during one of the beatings and your poor girls are stuck with this inhuman scumbag.

Get out as soon as you can. He does not love you. He does not respect you. He does not love your children. He will continue to hurt you and may start hurting your babies soon, especially as soon as they can start talking.

Please, find help, get out, press charges against him. For your sake and for your babies.


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