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Elizabeth - posted on 04/12/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




ok well im in the hospital and am expecting triplets. I never wanted these babies and wanted a abortion right away but my husband wouldnt let me. Now my husband left me and im in the hospital and brought my laptop. I've been in labor for a brutal 36 hours and they wont let me have a apadural. It's almost time to push but i refuse. alright, now doctors are saying its about time should i try? or just not push at all because it hurts like the worst pain i have ever had but im going to refuse to push if no one responds soon, so please PLEASE respoind SOON beczuse it hurts badddd! ahhhhhhh@! I'm just screaming on the top of my lungs! My sister just took the laptop and is going to wright for me. Hi, im her sister Rebecca ok the doctors have to Elizabeth to push as hard as she can but she's not! please respond so she can puch beacuase she is not listening to us and is screaming bloody murder please help! the babies are coming!

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Krista - posted on 04/14/2010




Hey guys! Right now I'm floating in outer space and a martian is having sex with me, whoops! I'm pregnant! Oh wow, martian pregnancy goes quickly! It's time to have the babies up here in outer space! The martian doctor is telling me to pull......pull? Is that how you have martian babies? I'm PULLING! OH IT HURTS! Awww, there they are! I've named them Glactu and Woosa!

Krystal - posted on 04/12/2010




i would of thought they would of given you a c section because carrying triplets is high risk because of complications and premiture birth (unless you didnt want one). giving birth to 1 baby is hard enough but giving birth to 3 well all i can say is your a very brave woman. if it is hurting you that much tell them what you want, scream your head off if you had to. if you really want to push then go for it, there is only 2 ways to get them babies out of there 1= c section and 2= alot of pushing and delivering these babys vaginally. hunny you only have to options and you have to chose. those babys are going to come out wether you like it or not. if its too late for a c section then YOU HAVE TO PUSH, the longer the babies are in there the more it will hurt and the longer you will be in this your first time in labour, i am only 19 and i have had a baby so i know how bad it hurts but once you push that (those) baby (babies) out the pain goes straight away. if this is not your first then you will know exactly what to do. if you keep leaving it longer and longer, your babies will get distressed and can even stop breathing because of it. and even though you said you didnt want them, i am guessing you feel differently now about them and im sure you dont want to but any of these babies in any danger because you love them. you gotta push girl. push with all you got the quicker you get those babys out the quicker you wont be in anymore pain. good luck hunny. i feel for you i really do hunny. PUSH PUSH PUSH PUSH lol. best wishes :) x

Jodi - posted on 04/12/2010




What a load of bullshit. If this was for real, there is no way she could stop herself from pushing, sorry. We have ourselves a troll. I am locking this thread.

Morgan - posted on 04/12/2010




If there telling you to push.........push
this has to be fake, I only had 1 baby and I'll tell you if its the worst pain you ever had you wouldent be on the computer.
and I dont know about other moms but when my daughter was coming I couldent have not pushed if I wanted to the urge was very strong!!!

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