Itty Bitty Potty Trainers, too small for Pull-ups

Dawnetta - posted on 09/25/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Anyone have ideas for potty training a very small girl? Pull-ups and Training pants only come in Big sizes & she sill wears 9 or 6 month bottoms. My 14 mo old has already peed on her Little Bjorn Potty twice. I sometimes set her on the potty when I go, for somewhere to put her & to help her get comfortable. Beyond that we can't really do much because she can't wear training pants yet. She only weighs 16 pounds. Anyone else ever Potty train a very little one?


Linda - posted on 09/25/2009




Spend a warm day at home wearing only real panties and a shirt. That way she can pull them down eaisly and won't wet her outer clothes. My children wore "super hero underwear" that they didn't not want to wet.

Jennifer - posted on 09/25/2009




I'm in the same situation!! My 18 month old was born 12 weeks early is currently 17 pounds and has been "potty training" (I'm not pushing it) since she was 16 months old - almost trained now! I've just been leaving her in her diaper, and when she tells me "potty" we go and i help her undress... at home, I'll sometimes let her wear only her bloomers from dresses that currently fit (about a 3 month size bottom!!) and she's done pretty well with that. I'm preparing to actually sew her up some "big girl" panties from a pattern I found online. If you're not "domestically inclined", the website owner also sells the panties - made custom to your measurements. She lives in Australia. Here's her website:

Good Luck and congrats!!!


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Divina - posted on 07/04/2011




We had the same problem.even gerber 18 moth undes were huge. For cloth training pants try fashionably green baby!! We ordered her AI2 pull ups in a small for our 17lb 18 mo old........she wore them for 10 months before she finally figured out they weren't really big girl for undies look up mothergoosedesigns........she custom makes undies.....expensive, but i figure with the money we saved with cloth diapers and cloth pullups, we could swing it!

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