IUD and Pregnant?? Looking for input!

Shanna - posted on 08/04/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have had the Paragard IUD for 4 years now. I have never really worried about the possibility of being pregnant, and I have always had irregular periods so I don't even really pay attention to how far between them.

I started "feeling pregnant" a week and ½ ago or so. And I have about convinced myself I am at this point. Either that, or something else odd is up with me.
I have had really and consistently tender breast for over 2 weeks now. Very much like PMS, but different somehow... my nipples actually hurt, and they feel more swollen than full. I've had the waves of exhaustion. The peeing all the time. Cramps!!! and lower back pain: that has been present more often than not lately... something I never have much of with my normal PMS, and usually that's more sore. This HURTS. Not unbearably, but enough so that I went to the ER hoping for them to do a blood test to confirm what I suspect, or that I am just making myself crazy. I have had the mood swings. I have headaches. 8/1/13 was 28 days since I started my last period. And yesterday, 8/3/13, I had spotting. I thought maybe I had started my period. It was pinkish discharge once, more red and bloody later in the day, and brownish discharge in the evening. All just when I wiped. Since then, NOTHING. Kind of sounds like implantation bleeding...

I have been taking the cheap WalMart 88¢ pregnancy test repeatedly. All of them have come back negative so far. But I do know it could still be too early to show up in a HPT. I have an appointment with my OBGYN on Thursday. So I am doing everything I can.. I am probably going to continue to obsess and take tests until I go, but I was just wondering if anyone else out there has an opinion on what could be going on with me? Or validation? A reality check? LoL. Anything!

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