IUD Experience and advice, please

Savannah - posted on 07/02/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




I am thinking about getting an IUD after my baby is born. We were originally planning on a tubal but I finally got my hubby to understand how nervous I was about that. So IUD may be out best option as I definitely am NOT wanting to have another baby any time soon! haha. How soon after having your baby was yours put in?

What has been your experience with it so far?

What kind do you use and would you recommend it?

I have tried other forms of birth control, (the pill, patch) and have had terrible reactions to both of them.


Michelle - posted on 07/02/2009




I got the "Nova-T" IUD put in after my 6 week check up, it only cost me $180 (the other brand, mirena, is like, almost $400 where I am) and the only problem I have with it, is when I get my period, its REALLY heavy at first, and with my body probably still getting used to it, I have my period every 2 weeks, but other than that, no problems, I didn't even feel it being put in :)


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Carlene - posted on 12/06/2013




I had the iud about 9 years ago and asafter almost 6 months. It was Some how knocked loss so I had to removed almost 8 years ago and been trying to conceive for almost 3 years with no luck I'm worried that the iud could have messed me up to were I'm not able to conceive . I Want more children and so does my husband......

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Mirena works awesome for me. Just like any medication or medical device you may or may not tolerate it well. Eveyone is different. I have experienced both the regular copper type and the Mirena. Mirena wins by far. It is not permanent so if you don't tolerate it you can always have it removed. Besides not having cramps or periods on Mirena, I paid the equicalent of 1 co-pay with my insurance and that's it for 5 years.

ANGELICA - posted on 07/02/2009




I had mine put in when my son was a little over a month old. It's pretty much after you stop bleeding that they insert it. Mine was good for about 2 years then I starting getting infections and frequent kidney problems that I eventually had to have it removed. It was wonderful not having to worry about getting pregnant but the side effects were horrible and that was the only thing I'd done differently to cause them. They have a new version of Norplant now. It's pretty awesome without the "womanly" after effects! Good luck.

Staci - posted on 07/02/2009




I had the mirena put in six weeks after my little girl was born...I love it I don't have to worry about taking a pill everyday. It has low hormones so there is little side effects. I gained no weight at all

Katie - posted on 07/02/2009




i don't use an IUD. i personally am on the depo shot. once every three months you go in for a shot. don't have to remember daily to take a pill, etc. the side effect that i have had is i no longer get my period.

Candice - posted on 07/02/2009




i don't recommend the Mirena IUD. and if one opinion is not enough, google it and see the millions of adverse reactions to it. Mirena releases hormones, along with being just an IUD, and i had horrible reactions...one of which was CRAZY cramps that shot down my leg. i can't say anything one way or the other about the old type of plain IUD with no hormones. that one might be a better choice, but i don't know.

i think they can be put in 6 weeks after delivery.

Andrea - posted on 07/02/2009




When I went back for my checkup few weeks after baby was born, the doctor told me about IUD and we agreed to immediately install one. I chose the plastic Mirena brand, which has very little hormone (less than pills). This one works for 5 years, I love it because I don't have to worry about missing pills, and the side effect is that your period gets very light or no bleeding at all while you are on it. The other type is copper, has no hormones at all, and good for a very long time, 15 years or so. I have metal allergies so I did not want to use that one.

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