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Andrea - posted on 07/13/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have an iud and ive been having some issues with cramping really bad and sharp pains on my left side! Has anyone had these experiences and was it related to youre IUD?? I am having it taken out Monday or atleats i have an OB appointment to see what the problem is and Im going in with the mids set of having it removed. Is it painful to have one taken out and how ling after does it take for periods to return and for you to be back on cycle track?? Not trying to get pregnant right now but not really going to prevent it either?? HELP


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Jana - posted on 08/23/2012





I cannot tell you the amount of suffering I endured because of the mirena iud. I had my iud in place since January 2011 - and noticed no immediate changes to my body. In November of 2011 I started vomiting - and A LOT. I couldn't eat, I had nausea, heartburn, a hiatal hernia and was extremely bloated and constipated - also had trouble passing gas. I lost a lot of hair (7 inches) and have many bald spots now. I was so anemic that I had to receive iron its three times a week!I I also was VERY red on my shoulders and arms at all times. So much so that people would ask me if i felt ok from my sunburn! I was looking like a sunburned fat pregnant woman at all times! I would get SO BIG that I looked like was a full term woman ready to deliver. Eventually we were able to stop the vomittiing (after 5 weeks) with xifaxin. My doctors were not able to find anything wrong with me - so we assumed I had BOS - Bacterial overgrowth syndrome. But - my other symptoms NEVER went away. I was still nauseas, still bloating and still unable to eat. AND I LOVE FOOD! I went through so many studies and tests. I had a colonoscopy, and endoscopy, i had the lower bowel series, the gastro emptying study, catscans, ultra sounds....etc.

In July I developed a succession splash....what appeared to be under my left rib - where I was having a lot of discomfort. It sounded like water was swishing around in there - and it wouldn't go away. I was put on Reglan for slow gastric emptying - although the test came back fine at the hospital - i was emptying just fine. This medication helped. So finally - After 10 months of being sick and undergoing so many tests - I decided to have my iud removed. OMG _ I AM SO GLAD I DID. No decision i have ever made was as important as this one!

Upon removal - the EXTREME pain between my shoulders, was relieved IMMEDIATELY. On my car ride home - I noticed I was able to BREATHE easier! I didn't even notice i was having a problem with breathing. My chest felt a sense of lightness when the removed it - and so did in between my shoulders. All of my symptoms have been improving by the day. I am able to go to the bathroom very day, the bloating and nausea is very minimal..and i am able to eat food before 5pm now!

Of course this is only my personal story - I can't say for sure if anyones symptoms are actually ring cause by the iud....I can only tell you how VERY SURE i am that removing the iud was the smartest thing I have ever done!

Amy - posted on 07/13/2012




I've never had a problem with mine but it could be related. It doesn't hurt to take it out and your cycle returns to normal immediately. I was pregnant within 3 months of having mine removed but we were trying.

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