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I got my IUD (the Mirena) almost a year ago. The last couple of months my body seems to act like I'm pregnant, but I'm not... at least I don't think I am... can I get a false negative on a pregnancy test? And is it normal to feel pregnant with an IUD? Also, I have been bleeding daily since I had my daughter 16 mos ago, and it the IUD has not helped as it should have. The Doc gave me estragen pills for the bleeding but I'm kinda scared to take them... advice?


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Becky - posted on 04/11/2014




I just got the mirena for the first time also..and I hate it so bad! I have 6 children, 20 years in the army, former drill sergeant yet this is the tiny piece of crap that has took me down!! Migraines, nausea, bleeding heavy and won't stop, MOOD SWINGS, shaky, blurry vision, rash and skin so itchy I put my shower head so burning hot to shock my skin from the itching, I even have panic attacks!! And
I'm so tired of feeling exhausted!! And I'm worried that my breastfeeding baby will get some effects too. Does anyone have experience with this so severely?

Diana - posted on 06/08/2010




As with all birth control you can get pregnant, however, the chances are MUCH less likely with Mirena. Most often if you are pregnant with the IUD in place, it could be an eptopic pregnancy. HCG levels tend to be lower with those types of pregnancies so I would suggest having a blood test done if you haven't already just to be sure. Also, I have experienced a false negative when taking a pregnancy test, so yes it is possible. After getting Mirena, I felt pregnancy symptoms the first couple of months and bled daily for the first six months. After that my periods completely stopped and I've had it since June 2008.

Tisha - posted on 05/28/2010




I have had my IUD (Mirena) for almost four years. I had pregnancy symptoms after getting it as well (Tneder breasts, modd swings, etc.) I even went back to the doctor to check and make sure that the IUD didn't have enought hormones in it to make me feel this way. They also told me that the IUD would help with my menstrual cycles because they were long and heavy. Yeah, that was a load of crap too! They got longer and heavier. It was so bad that I actually became anemic from all the bleeding. I don't really know too much about taking estrogen pills. I've heard a lot of people say that it's not good to take them for too long. They wouldn't give me anything for the bleeding. The bleeding did slowly go to "normal" but it took a couple of years. I just had to make a chocie. Did I want to have a period that lasted a little longer than normal or did i want to have a pregnancy I wasn't ready for and that would last the rest of my life.

Christina - posted on 05/27/2010




if i were u i would probably go and get it removed because i have heard alot of bad things about the Mirena and on tv they have lawsuits on it about the Mirena

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