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Elizabeth - posted on 10/13/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I had Mariana put in after my last child. That was 4 months after I had her. I had it in for almost 2 years. It fell out October 2013. After it fell out I called the Dr and let them know and they said( are u bleeding or feeling any pain) I said no.. At that time I was not having any problems... The only pain I had was 2 weeks before it fell out. I had a bad smell and sever pain in my lower stomach. I thought, cause I've done this before. I thought I left a tampon in... (Cause the smell n pain). So anyway its been a year since the IUD fell out now I've been bleeding for 7months. Non stop. I almost died if I didn't get to the hospital. I needed a blood transfusion. My blood levels where at a 5 and should of been at 11. I stayed in the hospital 5 days had 5 blood transfusions. And I'm still bleeding. The Dr told me while I was in the hospital I needed a hysterectomy. After he gave me a D&C, I'm at home snow and I'm getting weak losing blood and still no hysterectomy. I wanted another child in the future but guess not... Thanks to the IUD..... Ruined my love life for months n months n now no more children... Don't Get Merania..... It will ruin your life... Maybe not everyone but most... Thank You for reading... Would love to hear your comments ....


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Amy - posted on 10/14/2014




I also have the mirena and I'm sorry that happened to you. I love my mirena and I'm on my second one, I'm also not having anymore children. Any birth control has side effects and complications and you need to be aware of them before choosing.

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I have a Mariena IUD....actually, I've had two and am about to get my third one this January.
Side effects like yours are VERY rare, but it is true that they sometimes happen. Unfortunately, there can be serious side effects for all forms of birth control except a condom.

It sounds like yours slipped out of place and got infected. That happens, but if the infection had been handled properly right away (removal of the IUD and strong antibiotic), all of that permanent damage could probably have been avoided. Of course there is no way to know for sure, but it seems like the doctor dropped the ball. They really should have checked it as soon as you started feeling pain and noticing the smell because those are the first signs of an infection. Even if it was because of a forgotten tampon, the doctor should have checked you out and immediately put you on antibiotics because forgotten tampons can cause very serious infections that, if not treated, can ruin a woman's reproductive system. I also think it is horrible that they let you bleed for 7 months--any more than two weeks should have been a sign that something was wrong. If I were you, I would get a copy of your medical records and take them to speak to a lawyer. There really is no reason for the doctors to have let the infection progress so long.

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